RTV: Episode 1 Preview!

RAISING THE VISIBILITY is Hope For Us Network’s newest digital education series exploring mental health care in the 21st century! Each episode is a Livestream broadcast that offers interactive education and discussion experience on The Network’s Twitch Channel.

SEASON 1: Stimgas and our Institutions

We will be examining social and cultural factors that can create "blind spots" among professionals that lead to obstacles in identifying, validating, and servicing mental health challenges.

Together with voices representing lived experience, advocacy, clinicians, and professionals, we hope to have a comprehensive discussion identifying problems and seeking solutions!

Episode 1: Body Image

Can a waist size invalidate someone’s mental health? Can you be "too pretty" to have depression? What if you're a person with a disability? Data piling up indicates that our external reality can impact how we are given support for our internal experience.

Episode 1 Featured Guest Expert: Kevin Irvine!

Kevin Irvine

Rush University Medical Center, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Kevin has been a deeply involved activist and advocate for disability rights for decades! Presently at Rush, Kevin facilitates the Disabilities Employee Resource Group and is Co-Chair of the Rush ADA Task Force! Kevin also served on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Transit Authority (2012 - 2022).

His passion for disability inclusion comes from his lived experience as a person with HIV and Hemophilia B, and he shares his life with his wife, Karen Tamley, who uses a wheelchair for mobility, and their 16-year-old daughter, Dominika Tamley, who has multiple physical and mental disabilities, including anxiety and OCD.

Episode 1 Community Panel

Jess Anderson

A charismatic content creator, primarily known on TikTok for posting animal content, makeup/fashion videos, vlogging, and comedy. Jessica has enjoyed several viral video hits over the last three years. In 2021, Jessica became a published author debuting “Mercy's Light,” the first entry in the Keepers Series's sci-fi fantasy series. The sequel, “Mercy's Reign,” is set to premiere in June 2022!

Check out Jess’s content here! TikTok || Instagram || YouTube || Twitch

You can get a copy of Mercy’s Light on Amazon!

Brianna Kelly

Brianna is a passionate lived experience mental health advocate and active Reiki Practitioner who endeavors to treat Mental Health through holistic outlets.

Christina Bravo Christina is a vivacious lived experience advocate and community activist who brings a frank realist perspective and deep appreciation for the complexities of intersectionality within Mental health reform.

Rick Osowski

Rick Osowski created Anthologies of Hope, a lived experience mental health podcast, in the fall of 2017 with the idea that talking about the hard things in life makes them more bearable and more manageable. Rick is a father, husband, Technology industry veteran of over 18 years, and an active mental health advocate in the Chicagoland area.

Marlo Reyes

Marlo Reyes is a Mexican queer creative who is passionate about ending the stigmas. Marlo has facilitated intensive podcasts breaking silences and celebrating mental health discussions, particularly exploring mental health across the Latin diaspora in the podcast Caguamas-y-Dramas.

For full episodes and other Marlo activities, go HERE

Jianna Termini, MOT, OTR/L Jianna is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist with a deep passion for combating stigma and innovating mental health care. She is at the forefront of integrating new technologies into treatment, healing, and self-care.

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