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Programming Update May 2024


Program moments of 2024 so far!

Since the successful conclusion of our Bridge to Better campaign, the network's programming operations have been constantly evolving.

We are preparing to launch professional development-level education and training classes in 2025.

Our curriculums are being reviewed by educators and clinicians right now!

In the meantime, The Network has continued its education mission focused on creating ongoing experiences with partnering community spaces. One is the amazing students, faculty, and families of Rosemont School District 78!

We're providing not just one-and-done speeches but ongoing engagements over the year, including supporting a student-led self-expression project that just finished in April (pictured above)!

This year, we also enjoyed the honor of receiving the town of Mt. Prospect, IL's Mental Health Month proclamation issued by the honorable Mayor, Paul Wm. Hoefert (pictured above).

This marks The Network's second year working with dedicated folks in the Mt. Prospect Humans Services department to bring proactive prevention to their community. We have been working with the Human Services department since last year to engage the community directly on proactive mental health care. Led by Deputy Director Esther Salutillo, LCSW, we are supporting year 2 of Mental Health Matters. Slated for June 14th, we will be sharing more details soon!

Our team has been working nonstop, as you can see on our digital output if you're watching our Livestream shows!

Your views and donations help us continue to teach others how to disrupt the highest risk factors for mental health crises. Oh, and ART GIVES US HOPE is on Saturday! If you're in Chicago on 5/18, we have a few tickets left! JOIN US!!!


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