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HIGH HOPES: Event Preview

High Hopes presented by Nature's Grace & Wellness, is a free panel brunch discussion created by the Hope For Us Network focused on educating and demystifying progressive tools for mental health care such as cannabis, ketamine, and psychedelic therapies.

For nearly a century western societies have largely outlawed or stigmatized various naturally occurring substances on the planet largely motivated by racist and culturally bigoted motivations.

Inaccurate and inflammatory pseudoscience has perpetuated a stigmatized understanding of these substances as being correlated to recreational abuse and exclusively harmful to the well-being of any users.

Join our panel of experts from Nature's Grace & Wellness and Imagine Healthcare. We will have a frank discussion breaking down fact and fiction while enjoying complimentary tasty eats provided by our gracious hosts Eris Brewery & Cider House.


This event is the first live official live event with our Ally In Prevention: Nature's Grace And Wellness. Please take a moment to learn more about NGW and our connection to partnering with them from a recent episode of the Tomorrow Show Livestream.

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