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FISCAL VISION: Fueling Proactive Prevention

Thank you for joining us as we walk through our strategy to fuel the Proactive Prevention Plan. The full Proactive Prevention Plan premieres Wednesday, August 4th, 2021.


Mental Health is a public crisis.

The Proactive Plan is a strategy to create mindsets, protocols, and policies that drive early recognition and provide effective interventions to reduce harm from mental illness and psychological injury (trauma).

The Hope For Us Network came together because we mutually look at underserved mental health care as a public health crisis. Rates of illness, injury, and harm are not only persisting but surging and accelerating.

Moreover, we realized that existing tools are reactive, only offering incremental impact. We need dramatic transformational change to reduce harm and halt acceleration.

The Hope For Us Network has the tools to train individuals, community spaces, and institutions to embrace, adopt, and embed proactive practices. We believe now is the critical moment to take our mental health care to a new level of efficacy.

The Proactive Plan has three prongs to achieve this goal:

1. Engage: Outreach through digital platforms to engage communities at cultural and social intersections on mental health. We want to build a coalition of individuals, community spaces, and institutions.

2. Educate: We deliver education to drive understanding and how to utilize proactive prevention.

3. Activate: We provide training to empower people to embed proactive practices in their community spaces and institutional policies.


Transparency Plan & The Board

We will be following best practices from monitoring agencies like Guidestar.

Additionally, The Hope For Us Network is deeply invested in building a healthy workspace that respects the Dignity of the Individual.

We will install an equitable, diverse Board that isn't simply composed of friends but qualified, engaged people.

The Hope For Us Network has a nomination process open for the public and our founding stakeholders to nominate candidates. You can submit a nomination by using our contact form and the subject line: Board Nominee.

This Fall, we will be interviewing candidates and, in January 2022, electing Board members by ranked-choice voting.

Fueling Proactive Prevention

Our organization structure is focused on maximizing impact by streamlining dollars to action.


  • We maintain no brick and mortar overhead. We are working digitally with a diverse multi-national team.

  • We don't increase cost-intensive, environmentally unfriendly physical marketing collateral like printed brochures or other cumbersome expenses.


  • Our top funding priority is to secure our infrastructure, which is the staff who will deliver critical work. We intend to provide fair compensation and health benefits to support stability and team retention.


  • The opportunity to raise funds via programming on platforms like Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, etc. offers a dynamic path to sustainability.

  • We treat these revenue streams as high potential but do not want to "bet" the farm on them and forsake more reliable avenues.

Projected Operating Numbers

These are costs to the organization, NOT participants.

Engagement Costs: Cost in administration, development, pre & post-production, and showrunner time.

  • $150 = Per episode

  • $250 = Per monthly special

Education Costs: Cost in administration, supplies, tech, and Instructor time.

  • $5 = Per digital guest for 45-minute Proactive Showcase Experience

  • $20 = Per digital guest for 90-minute Proactive Prevention Seminar Experience

  • $50 = Per digital guest for 4-hour Pro-Activist Workshop Experience

Pro-Activist Costs: Cost in administration, supplies, tech, and Instructor time.

  • $250 = Per 20-hour Messenger Training Course

  • $500 = Per 3-month Surrogate Training Course

Outcome Goals

One Pro-Activist Ally has the power to impact and introduce Proactive Prevention to a minimum of 50 persons.

→ Our goal is to activate a minimum of 50,000 Pro-Activist Allies in our first 6 years for a potential radial impact of 2.5 million persons.

Further reading on our outcome targets will be illustrated in the Proactive Prevention Plan premiering 8/4/2021.


You can be a part of the transformation! We are approaching fundraising as a direct investment in our communities. We don't need a billion dollars to make a revolutionary shift and save lives.


  • GOAL: $300,000 ~ August 2021-March 2023.

  • Seed funding 4 full-time staff, including a certified clinician and Education Director.

  • Equitable stipends for the support team and Content Creators.

  • Budget capacity for education training and launch of seminar experiences by Spring 2022.

  • Enhance digital engagement production by securing equipment for in-house content creation.


  • GOAL: $500,000 ~ 8 months from March 2023-December 2024.

  • Seed funding adding 3 full-time staff including a Community Activist Director.

  • Equitable stipends for the support team.

  • Launching health benefits for all team members.

  • Budget capacity for education training and launch of Pro-Activist Workshops May 2023.

  • Enhance digital engagement production by securing a full-time Graphics Designer and Digital Editor


  • GOAL: $1 million ~ 12 months January 2025-December 2026.

  • Secure multi-year salary projections.

  • Increase stipends for support teams.

  • Expand the education budget for more seminar and workshop offerings.

  • Create a budget to train and supply the Messenger & Surrogate Training Program.

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