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Champions of Hope RECAP!

Updated: Jan 20

We Did It!

What an amazing night!

We saw the triumph of hometown heroes, the excitement of world-class superstars, and the emotional outpouring of a hardcore legend! The inaugural Champions of Hope truly was a night of high spots and hope!

Together We Can!

We MUST acknowledge several key people, starting with the event sponsors and architects who were with us from day one.

Michelle Foik, Eris

Michelle Foik, Owner and Creator of Eris Brewery & Cider House

WrestlePro is an amazing promotion that provided talent and action for the night.

THANK YOU to our volunteers and staff for their phenomenal efforts that helped make this event a reality!

By The Numbers

We would also like to recognize several people who donated during and after the event.

Thank you to all the wrestlers who made contributions to our work!

Thank you to the Lottman family, who presented us with a check for $500 dollars in memory of Michael, “beloved son, brother, and grandson who is never forgotten and dearly missed.”

Thank you to the Saeger family, who donated $100 in honor of “Mom”

And a Mister R.L. who presented a check for $1000 and said he was inspired to do so after hearing Tommy Dreamer’s speech and said he lost his brother to suicide in 1981, "and the family never talked about it because you just didn't back then."


A major goal for The Network is to get our direct education programming running at full speed in our second year of our existence.

We aspire to deliver proactive education to 200 underserved youth in the 2023-2024 academic year. One person properly empowered with Proactive Prevention Strategies has the power to disrupt the highest risk factors for suicide and mental health crisis in as many as 10 others. That is a total impact of potentially 2000 persons.

We want to deliver this education with the lowest barriers of access possible, which means providing our work at little to no cost to participants. It costs us about $75 per participant in instructor costs and administration.

$7400 brings us close to our goal to raise $15000 for mental health education programming in the 2023-2024 school year. We hope to raise the remaining $8000 by the end of February 2023.

Contact Us To Book Education Experiences for Fall 2023 INFO@HOPEFORUSNETWORK.ORG

Stay Tuned for our next outreach events...

  1. 12/17: HOPE LOUNGE HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Champions of Hope Full event Watch Party and a preview of the "Proactive Gamers Network" Charity Tournament.

  2. 11/29: Giving Tuesday PS5 Raffle: We will launch our year-end raffle thanks to our friends at GameStop, AND we will reveal the Art Gives Us Hope 2023 Date!

  3. 11/7-11/14: Full Champions of Hope Content published: Video highlights & Champions of Hope pics curated by match order






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