The Hope For Us Network has a clear plan to spread proactive prevention education to give people the tools to save a life from a mental health crisis.

We are going to use Giving Tuesday to help fuel our education aspirations for the first full year in operations.

Harm from underserved mental health has been a nearly silent public crisis for generations. This silence results from the culture of concealment that has shaped how we approach mental health as individuals, among our community spaces, and within institutions.

Mental health has no prejudice. Globally, the World Health Organization indicates that more than 700,000 people die by suicide each year. In America, the CDC tracks that more than 47,000 people die by suicide each year.

This crisis has not only persisted for generations, often in the shadows, but rates of harm are accelerating right before our eyes. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, nearly 130 people die by Suicide each day as of 2020. That number is UP from 121 persons per day in 2016.

In Mental Health America's annual national survey, rates of illness, depression, self-harm, ideation, and attempts have increased dramatically year over year since 2017. The Covid-19 pandemic only intensified mental health challenges across all ages, groups, and ethnicities.

Underserved mental health is a public crisis. Successful intervention in this public health crisis begins with declaring a demarcation - to define this moment where we make peace with the past and commit our energies and passions to a new course of action.

TOGETHER WE CAN halt this accelerating pace. We can drive back and reduce the rates of harm!

2022 will be our first full year in operation and we have defined an ambitious impact goal for year one.

We are striving to save 6,000 lives from mental health crises. One person educated on Proactive Prevention can impact AT LEAST 25 others.

We are producing 8 Proactive Prevention Workshops with a max of 30 individuals per experience. Our fundraising goal is set at $10,000 to cover material costs per participant, administration, and pay for instructors.

One person educated on Proactive Prevention can impact AT LEAST 25 others.

Join us on Giving Tuesday in raising money to grant at least 240 individuals free Proactive Prevention education in 2022. HELP SAVE A LIFE FROM MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS


  • Start a personal fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram for $132 now or BY GIVING TUESDAY 11/30/2022

  • $132 commemorates the average 132 who die by suicide each day

  • $132 also grants five free entry into the Proactive Prevention workshops.

  • You can also support our year one education goal by giving any amount to our Facebook Page fundraiser. $25 free entry into the Proactive Prevention workshops.


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